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graphic design - CD ROMs

Hakoona Matata provide design and development services to create CD ROMs or DVDs for training and marketing purposes.


Using PDF or HTML (web pages) we can create attractive, interactive CD ROMs including movie files and animation to make content more dynamic and engaging.

Cybit Training CD

Cybit Ltd provide telematics and satelite navigation technologies to corporate fleets. To provide extra support to their customers they requested a training CD that was easy to navigate, worked with standard software and would help support customers if they had problems with their software.

Hakoona Matata created the CD content and interface, then delivered it using Adobe PDF. Therefore it was viewable to anybody with the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, also included on the CD.

The CD has embedded movies and animations to help customer understand how to use the software without having to wade through pages of manuals. It also has a step by step problem solving section, reducing the number of support calls placed.